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Your online learning meditation short course suitable for both beginners to meditation as well as those looking to fine tune or extend their current practice brought to you by Regina Curley.

What is Zen~ology?

  • Self learn meditation short course. Ideal for both beginners as well as those looking to extend or fine tune their current practice.

  • Work at your own pace at a time that suits you best.

  • 3 modules

  • Each module comes with support notes, exercises & guided meditations.

  • Dedicated Facebook group for members who have purchased the course, where you can come in and ask questions when you need to.

  • Lifetime access to the course once purchased.

Benefits of meditation

I’m a big advocate of meditation & with benefits like these I’m sure it’s easy to see why

  • Induces deep relaxation

  • Reduces stress

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Encourages restful sleep

  • Releases the body to heal itself

  • Improves clarity

  • Promotes healing

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1

    • Breathing Techniques

  • 2

    Module 2

    • Physical Relaxation

  • 3

    Module 3

    • Mental Relaxation


Now I look forward to my time out just for me to set me up for the day!


The clarity I got from just doing a simple 10 min meditation every day is unreal. I never thought it would affect me that way. Once I managed to find a time that suited me, it just seemed to flow! Now I look forward to my time out just for me to set me up for the day.

Now I meditate nearly every day!


I never could meditate I was always afraid of it. I thought it might do something strange to my mind! Well, I started doing classes with Regina for stress management and she did a meditation every week. I listened to some of hers on youtube and I found them really easy to follow. It wasn't long before I got into the swing of it! Now I meditate nearly every day.

I never thought I would feel so peaceful and so calm!


Mindful meditation is my go-to practice now. I never thought I would feel so peaceful and so calm. I was always very anxious and irritated. I started doing Regina's meditations and I have really made great progress. I meditate before I go to bed as I find it hard to switch off my head. But doing this practice has really helped me to sleep more deeply.


  • Do I have to have completed any of your other courses to take part in this one?

    Each of my courses are specifically designed for a dedicated purpose, they can be completed as stand alone courses - however each course perfectly compliments each other to form a wonderful series with fantastic synergy for maximum impact.

  • Do I have to be an existing client or student to avail of this course?

    No definitely not! My courses are designed to be appropriate, relevant & resonate with everyone on a personal level. This course is tailored to anyone who is looking for a self led short course on meditation for beginners.

  • I am an absolute beginner to courses & online learning, is that ok?

    We all begin somewhere & I for one am an avid life-long learner. Which is lucky given the move online due to lockdown restrictions over the past year. You have already taken the first step in just looking at this course. I can promise you this course is based on my belief that things should be simple & easy. However don’t underestimate the power of simple & easy! As the tools & techniques I will guide you through are highly effective when used properly & regularly. I am here throughout this course for any questions to guide & direct you. You certainly won’t be jumping into the deep end alone!

  • What is included in the course?

    A self learn meditation course with lifetime access to 3 modules taking you through the steps to start your meditation practice with support notes, exercises, and guided meditations. Includes dedicated Facebook group for support & Q&As.

  • How much is this course & how do I pay?

    The total price for the Zen~ology course is €149. It is payable by card.

  • When does the course start?

    This course is self led so once you purchase it you can begin when you choose!

  • How much commitment does the course require?

    The level of commitment you make is completely up to you! The online course is 3 modules long to complete & is self led. I do however recommend working on each part one week at a time. There is absolutely no obligation or requirement to have the online learning completed with the 3 weeks. There is no deadline on that & you do have life time access to your course. The online learning can be done at your own pace during each week at a time, date & speed that suits you best.

  • What is your background & experience?

    Well, my story begins 34 years ago when my youngest son was born with Down syndrome. He’s my little door opener. I was introduced to Aromatherapy at a group I attended with him. From there my interest grew and I trained. I’m really passionate about inspiring people to release their old limited stories about themselves. I know what it’s like to panic and feel desperate. There’s always a better way forward. Change your thoughts change your life. I’m a big nurturer living my best life too! My overall goal in everything I do is to help YOU to live YOUR best life! My aim as a practitioner is to reach out to my clients with an empathetic attitude inspiring them & nurturing them on their journey of healing and good health maintenance. A large part of my work is empowerment coaching, supporting clients with life skills & stress management, through mindfulness meditation and relaxation. My speciality is Anxiety Management, where I inspire people to change their thinking to reduce their stress, anxiety & overwhelm, recover their lost self-esteem and confidence, to enable them to live the healthy, peaceful life they deserve. As well as holistic life coaching my other therapies include reflexology, aromatherapy & QTT. I also have been a teacher of ITEC Reflexology, Holistic Massage & on-site massage in a local college in Dublin.

  • If I have more questions or wish to discuss if this course is for me how can I contact you?

    Feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] or private message me on Facebook or Instagram & we will take it from there. Links to my social media accounts can be found at the bottom of the page. If you prefer to discuss over a phone call drop me an email we can arrange a call together. I am happy to have a free discovery, no obligation phone call with you to discuss your needs & how best I can meet them.

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